Sunday, April 11, 2010

Great Rockabilly Vol 4 - Just About As Good As It Gets
Smith & Co

By now surely almost rivalling the Bear Family and Proper labels for their exhaustive and pretty much indispensable collections, please welcome with a roll - drum or what other grabs you, by all means - volume 4.
Not using much in the way of chronology (eg this is 1952-59, the ones before '54-'58 and '55-'57) means a set chock full of classics as well as obscurities to all but the most archivist. As usual then alongside the slew of Elvis, Gene, Carl and Eddie and Johnnies Cash & Burnette, aswell as classics from the rockin grind scene like Charlie Feathers, Groovey Joe Poovey and Glenn Glen there's ol' George Jones, Don Gibson and Ricky Nelson, all who started out on the rockabilly line before moving to country and pop and then Derrell Felts & The Confederates. From rock'n'roll history through to punk and psychobilly - One Cup Of Coffee, White Lightnin', Cast Iron Arm, Sunglasses After Dark - this 70-tracker is as heavy as its Sabbath namesake. Essential.
Stu Gibson

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