Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Gourds

Noble Creatures
Yep roc

'Stewing in my own perfume, lonely as a weather balloon' - How Will You Shine?

Warning: Initially listening to this in the barren midst of crashing headlong into the caustically spiked crash-barriers of heartache can bring on iridescent bouts of rage and rabid desires to shave their scraggy beards off with thirteen blunt chainsaws for chirruping like Van Morrison moondancing in the meadows onHow Will You Shine? and the sunnySpringsteen freeze-out funk of Kicks In The Sun. It's thus actually quite heart-warming to know that the band feared and despised this move away from their almost tongue-in-cheek approach to trucker hats and tractor DUI's too but braved the ride and came out stronger, as you the listener shall. For it shall be good, and you will be blown away by Promenade, thinkDion's Born To Be With You and Ronnie Lane's Done This One Before, that'll wrench your heart right out and soothe it with wreathes of self-realisation bought dearly at a final stand andLast Letter that has the emotional landfilling ache of Skynyrd'sTuesday's Gone. When Kevin Russell wails - in the righteous sense, not the whimpering one - about grief and feeling like the only one you know where the man's at, but boy, could you stand there and sing that? Sure, with The Gyroscopic, Red Letter Day and Cajun dance-off Cranky Mulatto they haven't hitched up the wagon and rode out into new-found lands of haunted ballads, just merely, merely, added new textures. It's just that they're the size of their home state that is so staggering. Once again I doff my ducktails Texas-ward and proffer mere shrugs at any simple, instant disdain.  

- Stu Gibson

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