Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Generators

The Great Divide
People Like You

Glory be! This sixth shooter from these L.A. street rollin' punks sure is one classy chassis set to dazzle as it drifts by, cocksure, caustic and encroaching welcomingly that personal space close to your heart while crunching out cartilage-crinkling coruscating cavalcades of adult angst. Though still proudly displaying influences such as Social Distortion and Bad Religion they're now at the apex of their own self-appointed style. For those aren't lightly acknowledged inspirations. Doug Dagger and his equally deftly / daftly monikered platoon voraciously plunder once more the eternal streams of strife and struggle and these tracks pack huge maelstroms of undiluted emotional resonance. Tough times related without lecturing, the truth evident in the passion pounding through this album that is far more like Mike Ness in defiance and faith than comparisons with Dagger's vocals. My Best Regards and I Stand In Doubtstrident with scarred but not screwed dark edges like if thePsychedelic Furs had kept their avant-punk roots but evolved into a rock'n'roll beast not kimono and slipper wearing MTV parodies. Not sure we need another punk-a-long-a version ofPaint It Black as literally every song, particularly the country-tinged A Turn For The Worse, ska-knees up What I've Becomeand closing rebel-rouser I'm Still Believing, is a genuine stand-up classic, broad-shouldered and ready to be counted out for punk record of last year.

- Stu Gibson

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