Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fabienne DelSol

Between You And Me
Damaged Goods

Don't let the fact that this French national hopped over to the UK in 1996 so be-smitten was she with the musical climate of the time put you off sniffing out this absolutely lovely record. Sure, you may work hard to compress this into a country metre never mind mile, yet its acoustic driven strides have a folksy, country strum at their lovelorn heart. They're just filtered through a sixties swirl, such as the keyboard kazoo sounds on the otherwise wistful waltz of Leave Her For Me, the suitably spy-theme surf-shanty of Mr Mystery, the heavy hemp-smoke honky-tonker Pas Gentille and quirky ditties mired with garage dirt Loot and Bluebirds Over The Mountain.  However the French language Le Roi Des Fourmis is a wondrous creation, Merseybeat meets Motown stomp drinking with the Stones on downtime during the AFTERMATH sessions, and the title track surmounts even that seismic peak. Both vouc for the entire album itself, which is no disparagement to any of the rest, as it is assuredly not a reflection of the sixties by being mere filler. As it is it's all topped off with a sultry coo and curious otherworldly charm to rival the 'real' Holly Golightly.

- Stu Gibson

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