Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DD Dynamite

Low Down Blues
Dinky Den

"I got my whiskey n' I got my frown' - Fuckin' Talkin' To You

Greek resident and near-legend Mr Dynamite plies devil-drunk acoustic blues and piles them against his door, fending off the ever-circling spirits of losing n' loathing, regaling them with tales of tattered hearts torn from sleeves, spat on pavements of regard, scattered to that place where the dark rags and shards of old scarves end up.  Nestling in a candlelit cocoon with Tyla's Nocturnal Nomad, The Jacobites Napoleon's Velvet Basement and possibly assorted old blues dudes likeBlind Willie Johnson and Charley Patton and the mystical rumours of Keef's seventies jail-bound jam-sessions, home recordings they may be but there's no digitalised gloss, just a wealth of purely intuitive story-telling and bad-ass balladry related with an earnest fragility in a wheezy croak of a voice channelled direct from woozy dawns, right when you realise a whole lot more than the bottle's gone for good. This man knows the myths well enough to place himself in the canon of the gunslinging guitar-totin' wisecrackin' heartbroke scoundrel but nothing but honesty can put the ache into Will You Still Love Me In The Winter, and Early One Morning. As Tyla put on the back of The Dogs' GRAVEYARD... album...these are "Soft Songs For Hard People", or epic soundtracks of charred romance and solace in Rock'n'Roll for the scorned and crestfallen, if I may.

-Stu Gibson 

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