Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Caravans

The Caravans
Smashed And Stripped Bare

Recorded mainly in 2002 following the near-fatal car crash that all but derailed them, this supreme set of acoustic-led rockabilly finally sees the full light of day, fleshed out with a couple of tracks recorded earlier this year. Replacing amplification with a banzai barrage of adrenalin this is played, as is their righteous wont, with the frenetic fervour that has always made them amenable to the psychobilly hordes, despite not pandering to the horrorpunk themes more prevalent in that culture. However, it be Head honcho Mark Penington that really sets them aside from the slicker end of neo-rockabilly and psycho-piffle. His sharp-eyed lyrics of lovelorn woe and women's whimsies are rivalled possibly only by The Rhythmaires' Stu Warburton for shooting the hat off the mordant humour of old honky-tonkin' classics and turning them back on their head for a ride through haunted parks well after dark. Along with galloping from the gallows pole covers of bluegrass traditional Baby Blue Eyes and Violent Femmes' Kiss Off SMASHED AND STRIPPED BARE should be a certainty this winter for rockin reelers n' sleazers of every community.

- Stu Gibson

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