Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Built 4 Speed

Minor Part 2

Considering the current kinda colossal craving for psychobilly and splatter-punk in some quarters it's all the more pleasing to behold that this debut full-length release from this German four piece (Part 1 being a seven song EP), co-opts traditional rockabilly and even a few cuts of classic rock rhythms with minimal coercion into a gothic, though not especially Goth, midnight ride through those furtive fantasies that always buy another round every time you make the move homeward. Back Again, So Cooland Six Feet Under demonstrate that applying a punk-y edge to proceedings doesn't necessarily mean suffering the usual squall of power-chords and terrace-gang choruses. Floating on a dreamy, evocative atmosphere of shimmering, supernatural vibrato, the ethereal air is mixed with earthy reality, especially on outstanding ballads Judgement Day and Suicide Girl that owe as much to Billy Fury as early Nekromantix. With mainman Johnny Don Vincenzo's voice like a man who's been locked out by his other half and stumbled into a lock-in, MINOR PART 2cruises it's own strip of eternal full moons with the sweet stench of petrol, cigars and red wine.

- Stu Gibson

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