Monday, March 01, 2010

Culo A Boca

Vomit Party
Los Diorios De Chorro
(Both self-released)

From Northern California, Culo A Boca (Spanish for 'Ass To Mouth') are the first band whose name you'll find on the Wikipedia page of cult scat-porn movie '2 girls 1 cup'.Yes folks, they're really THAT sleazy. They've two lead singers, one a tattooed blonde bombshell in zombie makeup by the name of Fista Nogagreflexa, and the other a crazy Mexican wrestler in leopard print spandex pants known mysteriously as Pancho 'Diablo Culo' Verde. The rest of the band are equally monickered and also dress up as zombies: The Reverend BJ Gums, Sideburns McBlood, Es Steve, and Manny Vahina.

Debut CD album 'Vomit Party' provides the Culo blueprint. The CD includes an on-disk print of a pair of ample breasts, autographed by the entire band with the word 'Vomit' on one and 'Party' on the other. Meanwhile the slipcase artwork features a b&w cartoon of five obese women, one eating a large hamburger. The songs fly by thick and fast, from sea faring opener 'Captn Stabbn', to closing anthem 'Viva Culo A Boca' via such masterpieces as the tribute to human reproduction 'We Are Sperm', the cannibalistic 'Eat Your Face', catchy horror punk 'Muerto Friend' and Americana punk-ballad 'Bleeding Hearts Revue'. Further splatterings of fun provided by 'Droppin' Loads' and 'Rings On Fire'. Vomit Party is a riot of sex comedy, toilet humour and horror movies. Recommended!

The follow-up album Los Diorios De Chorro carries on where Vomit Party left off, a sleazy punk n' roll riot of amplified profanity. Album opener '2 Girls 1 Cup' is the song which got them onto Wikipedia, 'Cry Baby' is a prime slice of hip shakin' juke-box rawk n' roll, and the horror rock is provided by ode to cross-dressing Carpathians 'Trannies In Castlevania'. The full colour on disk print is a cool 'hamburger and crossbones' design which seems to be the Culo A Boca badge of honour. Also recommended!

Disgustingly entertaining, if you're mind is in the gutter you will find much to enjoy here. More info including how to buy the albums is available at 'The Official Culo A Boca Vomitorium'
- Alex Eruptor

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