Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Skeletonwitch 'Breathing The Fire' Prosthectic Records

You would have to be Sawney Bean staked up in a cave to not have heard of Skeletonwitch thus far. For starters, they're absolutely one of the best things to have happened to thrash metal scene that was sought to be dead and buried after albums like, 'Rust In Peace' and 'Lights Camera Revolution' relased in the early nineties. With tolerable, tumultuous armor-strength speed, Skeletonwitch just do it for me and many others, as they deliver their heavy sermon with a dark vengenance against it's enemy; pop music and Christainity. I have had the honors in experiencing this band in the live flesh a fist full of times, and I would be blind not to see or deaf not hear their high metal magnitudes of velocity. They're currently collecting new fans under Cannibal Corspes cryptic empire while out on tour with them, and that could have had a little something to do with them supporting thier infamous cover act, Cannabis Corpse in past tours. Speaking of, just to name a few band names of stages shared with Skeletonwitch, Cephalic Carnage, Danzig, Dimmu Borgir, and Darkest Hour may very well put in a horns referral for you if necessary. Sometimes silence is man at his fiercest, and could be the terms use to describe the albums notierity because it might just leave you without vocabulary.These Athens, OH group wasted no time in unknown dirt roads and cornfields, Lead singer and priest of prime evil, Chance Garnette along with his blood and current assemblage built a fan base and foundation for themselves to stand on immediately with their debut album, 'Beyond The Permafrost' awakening names from beyond black metal graves. I wouldnt have much to gain from speaking hogwash, so I wont when saying Skeletonwitch are wicked metal wonders with just the right amount of sacraficing speed on 'Breathing The Fire' produced by Jack Endino who needs little introduction. Its tracks like these that really  bring forth my Celtic Druid Ancestry. Songs constructed around murder and more murder, as if just the murder wasn't murdering enough.The thing that sets Skeletonwitch aside from other current thrash metal acts, such as Municibal Waste and Toxic Holocaust, is the fierce and immenent force, that these cats could almost pass for Black Metal.I get thrilled every time a new underground band stinks up the scene with their ferocious death breath, lifeless lyrics and homemade metal regalia, simply because they remind me of dudes I would have been skipping high school with just to go worship the devil at the local forestry. Their the new reign or terror set to seige whats was once rightfully ours from the moment metal and stepped their steel toes down on a double bass drum pedal. Skeletonwitch are not going to be just another metal act pronounced dead at the beginning of the scene, when I see them rising to a promising high unyeilding tide in the Lake of Fire, and that there is most likely why the eat, shit and breath fire. I see much more evil than good coming from this band with 2009 Prostethic Record Release, and if they play their cards right, the Death Card will be all thats left after they conquer the metal industry single-handedly with spiked gauntlet wrists.

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