Friday, February 26, 2010

Sasquatch - III

Small Stone

It’s been a long wait for III, the (you called it) third album from L.A. power trio Sasquatch. The band may have taken its time crafting this particular opus, but rest assured it’s worth the thumb-twiddling. Frontguy Keith Gibbs is in rare form, laying down the licks like a hybrid of every good heavy rock guitarist you can think of and singing with grizzled soul. There’s more here than just the sensual pleasure of the sounds, though. The threesome has always stood apart from the hordes of 70s rock revivalists because Gibbs writes actual songs, with melodies and arrangements, rather than just string a couple of power chords and a riff together. III collects a bunch of strong tunes that’ll bring out the air guitarist and head nodder/banger in anyone – check Bare My Soul, Complicated and the groovy, partially acoustic New Disguise for some particularly primo laying down of the rock & roll law. With Pull Me Under, the band even pulls Soundgarden out of its mothballs before the real band could do it. Hard rock, stoner rock, heavy music – whatever the fuck you call it, Sasquatch has it down, my friend.

- Michael Toland

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Edu said...

Awesome band! The three records have it. Period.

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