Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mass Cult Suicide - s/t

Mass Cult Suicide
Off the Hip

Mass Cult Suicide leader Dan Trolley is a character. Out of what novel or flick it’s hard to say, but he’s definitely not one of us. The Australian singer/songwriter/keyboardist has the veneer of a hard-bitten lounge lizard, a guy who’s wiser than his years due to everything he’s seen and done. But world-weariness is not the jacket he wears – he’s too busy trying to get in the pants of every woman in the bar to wallow in self-pity. He guides the noisy groove of his band with a sure hand, no matter how much he’s had to drink – the booze only steadies his gait. There’s a definite strain borrowed from barroom philosophizers like Nick Cave and Gallon Drunk, but the musicians’ aggression owes more to the Stooges, the Velvet Underground and the Cramps. The band even throws in some Sonic Youth skronk on occasion. It’s an appropriate soundtrack to Trolley’s blurred visions, illuminated by a streak of dark introspection running through tunes like Last Night I Got Drunk, Where is the Fun? and Everybody’s in Debt (ain’t it the truth). But Trolley hasn’t been beaten down – he rises up from the floor after every thrashing life gives him, pulling out his comb, winking at the ladies and calling for another round.

- Michael Toland

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