Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HIgh On Fire "Snakes Of The Divine" E1 Music

This could be it for our old fellow, faithful Sabbath-slayin' guitar sworsman, High On Fire. After headlining their own tours for the past two years that I've seen them, Matt Pike has literally made it for himself and the love of his life, this band and loose women. It hit me two days ago, on my friend, Omer's couch, listening to "Snakes Of The Divine" while watching them host Headbanger's Ball on MTV2 for the promotion of thier latest release, "Snakes Of The Divine" on E1Music that is out in stores now. No matter how much of a crusty, stoner punk rep Mr. Pike is liable to get from his faithful followers, this is a sharp boy grown legend, who lead High On Fire to the next level and deserves every bit of televised publicity and worldy recognition, a young Oakland California desert rat could acquire, even tho it nearly took a decade to acheive. Beside his side once again  and until the pitch black end, is one helluvah, prespiring, mini Lars Ulrich drummer named Dez Kensel who has more stamina behind the skins than on a Ron Jeremy set. Produced by Greg Fidelman whose work includes Slayer's, "World Painted Blood" and currently employing himself with Metallica's new album, HOF couldn't have slayed harder if they were standing in my living room, instead of instead of inside the television set.

For as long as I've known High On Fire when I met them touring in a Uhaul truck on tour with Superjoint Ritual, I admire thier inhibited, natural driven ability to concrete something, stick with it and prevail above those who sought to see them fail with strength and preservance.I assure you there were many times and plans that fell through, along with overwhelming thoughts of hopelessness and depression as if airing on a Zomig comerical, but as far as I can see the one thing they never lost touch with, besides heavy volts of electricity, is direction and this album is headed in similiar leads as thier past albums. They're self-taught, self-motivated, and self-producing with or withuot the help of metal's head cheeses, and I applaud their every genuine innovations to make the rock star status A-list, because I know they did it for no one but themselves and their love and dedication to the FIRE. Enough the with sappy saga speech and let's review this album,not thier arteries.

The first self-titled track induces several cold chills upon introduction to the massive, wooly mammath size sound that was brought to manifestation using Pike's precise and haphazardly placed music sheets.Hey, even Ensteins crib was a pigstye. You can guarantee High On Fire's practice space may be no cleaner than a stockyard. No matter the conspiracy theory, there is really no hidden agenda behind the album's lyrics and prophecies. Matt is an avid spokesperson for outter space and the exterestial civilization that ly ahead, but laugh, hide, lie and the pull the the wool over your eyes all you want, the man has been exploring the unexplained  since he's beginning days in Sleep and obviously is acting on his destined calling and role model as a strong public figure with something of substance to say. Vocals are throttling growls coming from the underworlds heaviest stoned spokemodel. With each new track I listen to the pace appears to pick up even faster than the last. No cheesy, unfit false fat metalheads with devilish tunes need to apply here. These are full grown, electric guitar Warlords that use words like "excalibar" and "conquisidor" to describe the subliminal images their own sound produces, so ask no futhermore. This is an album of apocolyptical proportions. Without any further ado, High On Fire is ready to take you the next level.

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