Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hellbilly Club - Zombie Faces

Stripped near as dammit to the speed-gnawed jaw-burn dose of old-skull psychobilly dug outta evil Espagna. Sure, it's not an unholy hellouch slap of surprise - singer / guitar-stinger Santi is nay hoodwinking slouch either such that the ultra spartan mix could really use a replenishing twist of guitar silver-heartchoke. If you're burdened with too much beast beat-broth with titles like Psychobilly Psychokiller then this is more of an incidental off-camera hammer-bang to an extras head than a party slaked on Demented Are Go's PVC Chair. However, hellhoppers, they do manage to still add a shades of their own batty atmosphere to the soup, with vocals recalling Peter Murphy more than the halibut-slapped Soft Cell that the sleeve resembles, and could be just what the Hangmen ordered if you're ever-drawn to that quarter.
Stu Gibson

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