Monday, February 08, 2010

Edge Of Forever - Another Paradise

Blimey, this sort of muck almost demands a reimagining of Magnum. But you wouldn't would you? No doubt sells grease-ladling fuckloads in Italy. But so did Spagna. Still does I hideously imagine. Shame as the cover suggests some heroic battle metal is about to rain down - aside from that the best bit was the three-second smirk that ensued with the namecheck thanking coincidentally (I assume) named ex-member Bob Harris - I assume tis not the BBC DJ. Indeed vocalist Alessandro Del Vecchio (ok, he's probably pulled your girlfriend already, Bon Jovi babe or not) has a shriek that could crinkle chainmail across continents, but as it stands this is stock Euro-AOR full of overbearing banality that gives a Bryan Adams ballad added bite and as such deserves less latitude n' leeway than the emphatically cack-tittedly titled currency, moreso when such slack-intentioned stab at hit single in the guise of the cover of countryman Georgio Moroder's Flashdance theme-tune shows Edge Of Forever as, once again, little more than X Factor fodder.
Stu Gibson

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