Monday, February 08, 2010

Dust And Bones - Voodoo

Have you ever wondered if the world what with it being this day & age and all needs another band of bleach-jeaned beachcomb-overs with money to burn on production bills but scantily clad creatively resulting in a well rehearsed but tawdrily tired, self-consciously lascivious slop dribbling from the twin over-nibbled titties of Aerosmith and AC/DC such that cliches clutter your speakers enough to make the bland, barely discernible mark in rock's alley left by Bulletboys seem unavoidably barren all of a sudden? No? Thought not, lucky barstads. I just did. Don't bother. Like you'd need telling. 'One foot in the gutter / one foot in the grave', the strip, dirty needs, sleazy needs, sunset till sunrise, etc etc. For all its blustering personality bypass, or maybe moreso because of it, deplorable. It may be depressing if not for Big Neck et al. Voodoo, my burnt tea.
Stu Gibson

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