Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Bottle Rockets - Lean Forward

'And I know when I look in the mirror and staring back is the reason
I just can't seem to get myself off the floor
And I know - I've done it all before' - Done It All

Umpteenth album for alt.americana sussed-up southern out-riders still tackling road tales of reminisce and regret whether the hot-railed Diddley bow of Nothin' But A Driver ('Cadillacs and Lincolns all day long I ride / Happy on a wage that may lead you to suicide - But I'm happier than you are'), drop jowls and be damned if Done It All ain't but the bleary eyeball rolling elder brother of Tex & The Horseheads I'll Quit Tomorrow with vitriolic blasts at global politics through local issues (Kid Next Door). Wired up with wry humour ('Hard times that's nuthin' / Hard times pass / I aren't broken down I'm just outta gas' or 'Been a mile high for nearly a week / It's gonna wear off below 1200 feet') ), tanked to all states of temerity and twenty-sum types of gas and gumption many can't gather let alone guzzle with many of the things that makes The Georgia Satellites and The Replacements s-s-s-still so lean and evergreen with lashings of Little Feat's bigfoot stomp and Dave Edmunds Johnnie Walker wisdom all round from opening diesel-incision The Long Way slugging it out with Skynyrd skylines and JJ Cale respectively on introspective Solitaire and warning in the darkness dawning closer Give Me Room, all showing that road hogs can grow weary but not grizzled - just gristlier. Thusly and of course an open-topped yussly, one sure fire-cracklin' scorcher, sirs, squires and missdresses.

'A short cut through Utah doesn't mean a bad trip..' - The Long Way
Stu Gibson

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