Thursday, February 11, 2010

Billy Walton Band - Neon City

Well, I'll be blowed over and bowled into a bucket of blood in a fetching pink blouse before raising the bar dry in honour of these boys. At last someone has the burning boots to put a bushfire among the business manager bilge of my old bugbear of blues of the banal urbane variety. Sure, it isn't gonna cause any damn-ass sin sorta conversion but basically this rips outta with some hot braised blue-eyed soul and border-crossing boogie-funk that brandishes barbs at those still in the bewildered queue with their brand new keeping up with the baloney dishes, on a par with Southside Johnny with extra booted-up barracks of bristling guitar slink such is the muchos calibre hoss in this arsenal. Perhaps not as bar-baited as The Asbury Dukes but definitely signs that their heritage is in safe hands and by far the nearest and naturalistic beast to ZZ Ray Vaughan Zandt.
Stu Gibson

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