Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bernondsy Joyriders

Cherry Red Records

I'll state my bias: I'm a sucker for slide guitar. Sure, there have been quite a few blues revivalists these past years but they've mostly been of the self-consciously stylized hipster variety, authentic in sound and image but sometimes lacking in originality and invention. How many more guitar n' drum thrift store clad duos does the world need? In comparison, The Bermondsey Joyriders are a breath of fresh air. Their's is an altogether more British sound, a product of the smoggy banks of the River Thames, The Old Kent Road, and '76-'77 punk as much it is by the muddy banks of the Mississippi, Route 66, and Delta blues. Think English pub rock hooligans such as 'Dr Feelgood' rather than US stadium fillers like the 'White Stripes' (albeit with the sort of gas guzzling attitude and adrenalin rock song titles not witnessed since the first couple of Hellacopters albums.)

What you get here are ten tracks recorded in twelve hours which provide the blueprint for the Bermondsey Joyriders agenda, which appears to be world domination by mixing up pedal-to-the-metal terrace chant street punk with roadhouse blues rock. The lo-fi production may take away some of the energy but the songs shine through like diamonds in the rough. Titles like 'Runnin 'Riot' and 'Rock n' Roll Demon' tell you all you need to know.
Lookin' for a sleazy blues riot soundtrack for your next road trip? This could be the one.

- Alex Eruptor

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Michael said...

I've gotta hear these guys.

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