Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December Peals

People Have Demons
Chorus of One

Although the gutter they're gleefully sloshing around in has become an elephant's graveyard for middle-aged hair-twirlers with no pension plan, Germany's December Peals somehow manage to make 80's groin-rock sound fresh and reasonable. Mushing fistfuls of GN'R high-wire swagger and burly AC/DC chug, DP sound not unlike an all-boy version of the Donnas with a mid 90's alt-rock fixation. Lots of hooks, lots of slithery solos, and more brains than you usually get from a band with the same musical influences as your aging dirtbag uncle. The title track is the obvious hit, but the whole thing works, really.

I predict a headlining Rocklahoma gig in 2025.

- Sleaze
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