Sunday, November 29, 2009

NAAM - s/t

Tee Pee

The lysergic power trio NAAM returns to this dimension with a self-titled debut, following up the Kingdom EP from earlier this year. The NYC bunch may be a trio, but they make a big noise, filling up every inch of the earthly cosmos with enough feedback and distorted guitar waves to make Hawkwind jealous. Frigid, mysterious tunes like Tidal Barrens and Westered Wash provide some respite, but overall the band drenches the world in dark, acid-washed hues. The aggressively psychedelic Black Ice, Frosted Tread and the massive Kingdom (a longer version than the one that headlined the EP) roll mercilessly across the skyline, leaving bad dreams, broken bongs and a buzz in their wake. Righteous, minus the hangover the next morning.

- Michael Toland
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