Monday, September 21, 2009

Left Lane Cruiser - All You Can Eat!!

Left Lane Cruiser
All You Can Eat!!

Funny how that two-person blues rock thing has become such a trend these days. Are the White Stripes and the Black Keys really that influential? I suspect, though, the notion holds sway over record companies (especially Alive, which jumpstarted the careers of the Keys and Two Gallants and shelters Trainwreck Riders, Henry’s Funeral Shoe and Black Diamond Heavies to boot) more than musicians. Whatever – Left Lane Cruiser follows suit, with a kit-smashing drummer and a guitarist/vocalist ripping the slide-slathered limbs off the old barroom blues. Freddy J IV is actually quite the demon on the six-string – he plays like he’s visited a crossroads or two, with Kenny Brown by his side and a Lucifer bearing a strong resemblance to RL Burnside. He can do the grunged-out Zeppelin thing, too, when he’s of a mind (cf. Black Lung and Hard Luck), but he really comes alive getting his hands dirty. Frankly, Freddy’s not much of a singer, but when he digs into the frets it doesn’t matter. The songs are perfectly adequate for LLC’s purpose, which is to rock every room like it’s a deep South juke joint (despite the duo being from Fort Wayne, Indiana). All You Can Eat!! may not set the world of rock & roll on fire, but if you think the Black Keys are too slick and Scott H. Biram too wildcrazydrunkandpilledup, Left Lane Cruiser will satisfy the same itch, no question.

- Michael Toland
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