Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Black Cobra - Chronomega

Black Cobra
Southern Lord

After hitting the boundaries of extreme metal, it seems musicians are heading away from the hinterlands and back to the core. At least Black Cobra seems to be on Chronomega – the San Francisco duo comes from the scorched-earth-and-hellfire school of pummel, but happily adds soaring classic metal riffs to their lowdown death grunge. Listen to “Chronosphere” and tell me these guys don’t have some Thin Lizzy records proudly lined up with the Sabbath and Celtic Frost disks. Admittedly, High On Fire has been hacking and slashing at this particular edifice for years now, and the Cobra certainly owes something to Matt Pike and company. But Chronomega is still a satisfying chunk of meat, chewy and filling in the appropriately heavy ways.

- Michael Toland
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