Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tia Carrera - The Quintessential

Tia Carrera
The Quintessential
Small Stone

No, children, this is not the long-gestating stoner rock project from the object of Wayne and Garth’s lust. Tia Carrera is an Austin, Texas-based power trio that drops a shit-ton of acid, stares off into the void of deep space and spews what it fantasizes out of its amplifiers like jism from Kronos’ phallus. Known throughout the land of Central TX as the best psychedelic improvisers this side of a blitzed-out love child of Hawkwind and the Bevis Frond, guitarist Jason Morales (once of Austin noise rockers Starfish), bassist Andrew Duplantis (of far too many bands to count, though currently of Son Volt, believe it or not) and drummer Erik Conn make cosmic mushroom rock that masticates your mind and motors down the magnetic highway without even once meandering into mush. The six strings of Morales lead the way here, exploding in a supernova of tangled melody, untangled riffs and as many effects pedals as can be stomped all at once. Conn rages like Keith Moon if his beloved surf music had come from Mars, while Duplantis does his best to keep his companions from blasting off without a compass. New Orleans oozes forward like a giant caterpillar in a Godzilla flick, while Gypsies gives you the beating you deserve, maggot. Home floats into the ether like smoke from the ruins, while Hazy Winter both lovingly and trippingly unplugs and vocalizes, both new tricks for this crew. The Unnamed Wholeness is 20 minutes of crazed cosmic destruction/creation, the Big Bang translated into amp-frying psychedelic damage. It probably goes without saying that the best way to really experience Tia Carrera is to hit a gig and dunk your head deeply into their bucket of lysergic stardust, but the aptly-titled The Quintessential is by far the next best thing to being (out) there. Fuckin’ genius.

- Michael Toland
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