Tuesday, August 11, 2009

7" "Free Love Is A Sales Technique"/"The First World War"

2x7" "I Like Some Of The Things You Do"/"TWA Flight 553"/"Gimme Some Numbers"/"Faux Wealthy"

There are two things to note about Edmonton, Alberta: the first is that it is the murder capital of Canada, the second is that it produced The Famines. I'm pretty sure those things are unrelated, although The Famines are pretty killer, as I discovered at their concert last night. Okay, maybe "concert" is taking things a bit far; Monday-night-show-at-the-local-scuzz-bar-with-seven-people-in-attendance is closer to the truth, but Raymond (on vocals and guitar) and Garrett (on drums) played like it was a packed house, all blood and sweat and spit. (As an aside, I brought the blood-it's that time of the month.) The Famines are classic high-energy low-fidelity DIY garage rock (they even had cassettes for sale), and they sound bigger than the two-man band that they are. I promise that "Free Love Is A Sales Technique" and "I Like Some Of The Things You Do" will have you hauling the lawn mower out of the garage to make room for your old drum kit. Fucking great.
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