Friday, July 31, 2009

The Russian Roulettes - R&R (Off the Hip)

The Russian Roulettes
Off the Hip

Comprised as they are of former members of such Aussie ne’er-do-wells as Digger & the Pussycats and the Specimens, the Russian Roulettes can’t help but make a big audio stink on debut platter R&R. At first blush the trio might seem like just another pack of delinquents armed with alcohol and Pebbles compilations, but there’s enough spit and fire here to raise the energy level way past the red. Psych-tinged jamming doesn’t do the RRs any favors, which means the 10-minute Girl You Know How to Dance moves from kickass to tedious in pretty short order. (It probably translates better live.) But the rest of the disk is chock full of sweet punches to the face like Party, Drinking Much Too Long and You Only Call Me When You’re Down, making any momentary lapses easy to forgive. There’s even a cool pop song (All the Things). If you miss 90s Southern grunge ‘n’ rollers like the Oblivians and the Quadrajets, you’ll wanna open your garage to the Russian Roulettes.

- Michael Toland
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