Thursday, June 04, 2009

Los Natas - Nuevo Orden De La Libertad

Los Natas
Nuevo Orden De La Libertad
Small Stone

Los Natas is one of those acts that’s respected by nearly everybody in its chosen sphere, but largely unknown outside of it. Too bad – when it comes to stoner rock, it’s hard to beat this Argentine power trio. Too many bands of this milieu glory in the thud and crunch and forget the psychedelic subtleties that are as much a part of heavy rock as riffs. Not Los Natas – Sergio CH and his crew incorporate any trippy thing that comes into their heads on Nuevo Orden De La Libertad, while still remaining heavy at the core. Thus you get the theremin-like noises strewn throughout the otherwise bruising David & Goliath, the Steve Howe-does-spaghetti-western-soundtracks coda of Ganar=Perder or the marching piano of Dos Horses. There’s still plenty of meat for carnivorous headbangers – El Nuevo Orden… and the appropriately titled Hombre de Metal pound like a seething cave troll, while 10,000 thrashes like Sauron clearing the field of elves. Los Natas is the best kind of heavy rock band – always evolving while trumpeting the original virtues.

- Michael Toland
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