Friday, May 01, 2009

Highway Child - On the Old Kings Road

Highway Child
On the Old Kings Road

Ah, Scandinavia, what would today’s rock & roll do without you? Highway Child hails from Denmark, bearing the gift of power chords. Betwixt the riffmongering guitars and the attitude-laden vocals (you could put this guy in front of T. Rex as easily as Led Zeppelin) lies a sweet spot just waiting for a sweaty stage scarf to tickle it. Like the great hard rock bands of the 70s that never made the radio because they refused pigeonholes, Highway Child moves through heavy butt rock (Love For Sale, Highclass Bitch), pastoral folk (High High) and red-eyed psychedelia (Lovin’ Lovin’). There’s even a harmonium ‘n’ croon ballad as the untitled track 8. Variety never hurts, as it shows the band has more than one dimension and gives the meat-and-potatoes rockers a more powerful punch. Highway Child evidences a lot of craft in writing, but perfect looseness in performance. On the Old Kings Road is serious fun.

- Michael Toland
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