Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Scott Deluxe Drake and the World's Strongest Men - Beneath the Bloodshot Lights

Scott Deluxe Drake and the World’s Strongest Men
Beneath the Bloodshot Lights

The recent Humpers reunion did nothing to diminish their members’ extracurricular activities, and thank goodness for that. Along with the recent asskicking debut by the Hitchhikers, the latest slab from singer Scott Deluxe Drake (accompanied by his latest gang of strongarm tacticians) hits the same pleasure spots as the parent company’s vicious rock & roll. And while I hesitate to call this EP the best thing Drake’s done, there’s something particularly satisfying this time about hearing his witty, gritty spew riding atop a loud, basic, meat-and-potatoes rock & roll band. Ammunition, Corkscrew Submarine and Klorox Too fulfill your daily requirements of piss & vinegar with style; Champagne on Ice is the most melodic thing I’ve ever heard Drake do, and it still rocks serious ass. If you’re a fan, don’t miss this. If you’re not a fan, this will make you one.

- Michael Toland
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