Thursday, April 23, 2009

Various Artists - Drink. Fight. Fuck. Volume III

Various Artists
Drink. Fight. Fuck. Volume III
Zodiac Killer

Zodiac Killer Records is one of our most consistent sources of louduglydirty rock & roll, so it only makes sense that the label’s Drink. Fight. Fuck. compilations provide the same sleazy pleasures. Most of Volume III is the usual lean and mean punk ‘n’ roll mania from the likes of the Candy Snatchers, the Hip Priests, the Wild Zeros, Kung Fu Killers, Hooked On Southern Speed, etc., with splashes of psychobilly thrown in. Some of the most notable cuts have a C&W edge – Utah County SwillersYoung Dumb and Flat TiresPayin’ Dues…Again nicely kick both shit and ass. Plus there are enough ringers here to get the attention of anyone not already on the Zodiac Killer train. Antiseen contributes a smashing cover of the Sex PistolsBelsen Was a Gas, the SupersuckersEddie Spaghetti (whose band is the likely inspiration for about half of ZK’s roster) weighs in on some Killer Weed, the DwarvesBlag Dahlia lays down his own country honk with Bitch I Love You (not the Black Joe Lewis song) and Hellstomper hits with You’re Gonna Kill That Girl, the last song the band ever recorded. (Though for my money King’s new group Polecat Boogie Revival is the superior entity, as evidenced by Barefoot at Lamar’s.) At 32 tracks, this collection is almost too much of a good thing, but excess is the point, right? Well, that, and, as the Broadsiders put it , Booze, Sex, and Breakin’ Necks.

- Michael Toland
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