Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Love Boat - Imaginary Beatings Of Love
Alien Snatch

Italian teen or barely teen or at the very least liable to result in bare teens, trio toiling under the pouting at potty title of Toilet Power Pop (true or not, and I hope it is, they took to performing at house parties in the pissers) are a scintillatingly exuberant yahoo of drunken lollops down the stairs of Hotel Yorba with drums splashing in piss puddles like intellectually dishevelled bear cubs learning the finer arts of salmon fishing while guitars likewise splish, splash n’ take another carafe, shaking it down like Labradors on the aforemeantioned bears ursine ‘allucinogens as bits of Paint It Black (No Particular Girl To Love) and Adam and the Ants' Car Trouble (Lonesome Man) get mangled by some sort of George Formby captaining a pot-fuelled power boat with the Black Lips. Not just for the kazoo on Funny Guy or the wondrously skateboarding down the stairs harmonies, in the league of youthful vigour and endeavour this is about as far from Supergrass and Arctic gastric Monkeys as we are from a sober Shane MacGowan, which is absolutely, cuntarsingly fantastico.
Stu Gibson
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