Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nashville Pussy - From Hell to Texas

Nashville Pussy
From Hell to Texas

There’s a new Nashville Pussy album in town, and it’s gone all the way From Hell to Texas and back. OK, that’s a pretty fucking lame intro, but it’s the Pussy – there’s not a heck of a lot new to say, other than that this album (their fifth) was recorded in Willie Nelson’s studio and is the first to be on the same label for two records in a row. I’m not trying to be down on the Pussy here, but let’s face facts. If you’ve heard any of their last three albums, you know exactly what to expect: a sneering combo of Southern rock and Rose Tattoo’s bar fight metal, with song titles like Dead Men Can’t Get Drunk and Give Me a Hit Before I Go. Every Pussy album boasts a couple of classic hard rockers to add to the canon, and this one’s no exception, thanks to Lazy Jesus, Why Why Why and the title tune. But alleged bad-boy anthems like I’m So High (on which singer Blaine Cartwright duets with…someone) and Drunk Driving Man are starting to sound a little shopworn. Time for that double-live album, methinks, whilst the batteries recharge.

- Michael Toland
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