Thursday, February 19, 2009

If You Sing It, They Will Hum...
Dog Hill Records

Upon learning that brother and sister duo, Shawn and Tracy Garrity, aka VulGarrity, hail from Connecticut, and having some research time to kill while I listened to the record on my Sony Atrac3plus CD Walkman in the basement at one in the morning, I decided to do a little research on the state, mostly because I realized that I knew fuck all about it. Did you know that the state insect of Connecticut is the European mantis? Or that the state animal is the sperm whale? Or that the state folk dance is the square dance? Did you even know that states had state folk dances? Yeah, me neither. I wonder who got the macarena. Lucky bastards.

Anyway, these 14+ songs are a strange brew of 70s hard rock, 80s new wave/art rock, and 90s grunge and funk metal. I had a hard time slotting this one into a single category. Um, rock? Lots of Van Halen and Sabbath and Lizzy, anyway. Some Rage Against the Machine and Faith No More and Death From Above 1979. Some other stuff that I can't quite put my finger on. Shawn and Tracy alternate vocals and instruments, which is cool. I particularly dig the groovy bassline of Plane in the Water, the jangly 80s guitars in Idiots in Photos, and the uber-rock-dance-able Sunday Afternoon Stroll. Like the hooch your uncle cooks up behind the rusted-out Chevy in his backyard, this mash gets the job done.
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