Thursday, February 12, 2009

Strange Fast Now
Remedy Rock

A slice of classic rawk that at last spends it’s time encroaching on your sensibilities than crimping its fading fringe in the mirror while you idly recount a list of typical reference points. Fuelled, driven and built on the passionate, gutsy and sultry vocals of Jen that the other three fellers manage to compliment not topple the insistent surge among the meticulous presentation and at times session muso material. Vocally Jen’s Joan Jett flame-thrower roar’n’growl would knock other bikes in the parking lot over at the merest rev of an engine and is a pretty impressive machine, which makes the middle of the road material all the more disappointing. As a self-released showcase this six-tracker covers several bases, which kinda irks along side a standard biog reading ‘each band member brings to the table their own element, vital to the whole’ etc etc – the Soundgarden groin-grunge of Desire, southern-tinged ballad of earthly yearning Midnight Till Morning, the atmospheric mantra to etch into your skin (Sacred Deep Inside), and Learn To Speak which drags the freedom found in opener Last Demand into squelchy seventies sludge. It’s the motorcade decimating Last Demand and outrider-sniping low-slung liquor-lipped white-water whirl of Priests & Preachers that show where they should be headed, taking snatches of a coupla other songs with ‘em. Amidst all the useless so cringeworthy they don’t even pass for irony attempts at eighties road-rampage rock out there, LD’s urgent and panoramic full-bore ricochet is the source they should bottling. A classy proposition perhaps but tantalisingly one with the promise to really branch out into realms of unexpurgated horrors and horizons where at present it’s slightly paralysed and made indistinct by doing things properly*. Per’aps it says more about whoever’s writing this but faster and stranger please!
*And look where not doing things properly got us lot eh?
Stu Gibson
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