Monday, February 09, 2009

No Direction
Nicotine Records

I got a bunch of metal CDs in the mail the other day. Bunch of weird shit, including a pagan metal folk band. Happily, this self-titled record by London-via-Helsinki's No Direction does not fall under the "weird metal shit" category. Rather, it is a sublime example of what we in the biz like to refer to as classic sleaze rock. Nothing fancy here, just eleven kick-ass power pop/punk/rock songs about dirty sex and booze and drugs and the devil and gambling and rock 'n' roll and regret, with jackhammer-fuck beats, guitar riffs slick as K-Y, and post-coital-raspy vocals that dampen this girl's nether regions. (The band took a bunch of years off and the members drifted into stints with the Vibrators, The Datsuns, The Wildhearts, and Tokyo Dragons before reforming in 2005. How's that for a pedigree?) Go buy it already.
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