Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Fuzztones - Horny as Hell

The Fuzztones
Horny as Hell
Electrique Mud/Al!ve

It warms the cockles of my, er, cockles that, nearly 30 years after they started, the Fuzztones are still kicking around. Now based in Europe, Rudi Protudi and his rotating cast of Vox-wielding maniacs continue to pound out snarling, spitting garage rock, oblivious to trends and image consultants. Horny as Hell adds a horn section (duh) to the band’s usual brown acid lunacy, giving a blue-eyed soul feel to tunes like Brand New Man, Yeah Babe and Third Time’s the Charm. Frankly, though, the horns are window dressing more than anything else, as the grungy guitars and Protudi’s charismatic vocals rightly remain the focal point. (Besides, how much R&B can you inject into a Pentagram cover?) A curmudgeon might argue with needing yet more versions of She’s Wicked, Johnson in a Headlock, Bad News Travels Fast and Ward 81, but since both songs and band continue to kick ass and the horns add a nice touch regardless of intention, I say the more the merrier.

- Michael Toland
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