Friday, January 30, 2009

Lethargy - Purification


Lethargy plays tuneful “alternative” metal of the type that substitutes for rock & roll on most radio stations nowadays. Purification is pretty much what you’d expect for a band of this stripe – a mix of early 90s grunge, mid-90s alt.rock and 80s hair metal. 14:9 is the requisite anthem, Stealth the purist hard rocker, I See Man’s End in His Construction the lighter-waving, socially conscious statement, Fragile Crystal Dream the sensitive ballad. (Strangely, the title track defies the formula by going for a Porcupine Tree vibe.) The record is finely crafted and melodic, even catchy, and I doubt neither these Brits’ sincerity, nor their chances of finding space on the airwaves next to Nickelback, Godsmack and Staind. But Purification, quite frankly, bores me numb.

- Michael Toland
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