Monday, January 26, 2009

29th Street Disciples - s/t

29th Street Disciples
Zodiac Killer

Denver has always struck me as a town surrounded by heart-stoppingly gorgeous natural beauty but without a heck of a lot going on (outside of David Eugene Edwards’ various projects). Maybe I’m wrong – I haven’t been there since I was 12 – but it seems like just the right environment to produce a band like the 29th Street Disciples. This record is 30 minutes of angst, anger and adrenalin, the kind of response to boredom that always erupts from the combination of torpor (Sweet Torpor, in this case) and electric guitars. Unfortunately, the band hasn’t developed much sense of melody yet, and the singer prefers a firing-on-20-cylinders bawl over anything approaching dynamics, all of which gives the album a monotonous feel. I suspect the stage, where energy + volume trumps all, is the 29th Street Disciples’ most appropriate forum.

- Michael Toland
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