Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ross the Boss - New Metal Leader

Ross the Boss
New Metal Leader

Ross the Boss is the legendary guitar-pickin’ manly man who slashed strings for proto-punk pioneers the Dictators, French rock obscurity Shakin’ Street and power metal monstrosity Manowar. To say that New Metal Leader favors the latter is an understatement - hell, his bandmembers were pulled from a German Manowar cover band. Which means that this particular meadhorn is filled to overflowing with just what you’d expect: big guitars, big drums, big riffs, big solos, big vocals (from Ivory Night’s Patrick Fuchs), big attitude – everything needed for accompanying a Viking pillage party. Songs like God of Dying, We Will Kill, Immortal Son (a tribute to his kid in some testosteronic fashion) and (of course) Death and Glory sound exactly like you’d expect – wild-eyed, anthemic, deliriously silly, impossibly infectious. Oddly, the punkish I Got a Right and poppy May the Gods Be With You meld the metal warrior intensity to singalong melodies that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on a Dictators record –reminders that R the B hasn’t forgotten his roots. Shoot New Metal Leader in your earhole the next time you’re on your Harley riding down a nuclear-scorched road under a blood red sky, battleaxe in one hand and Frazetta babe in the other. It’ll pump you up, dude.

- Michael Toland
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