Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Love Injections
Trees On a Hill

Like their brethren Midnight Scraper and the Diamond Dogs, happy-go-lucky Swedish quintet the Love Injections hero-worship the Rolling Stones and the Faces and don't care who knows it. Singer KJ Svensson’s got his R&B-loving Jaggerdrawl down pat, while guitarists Fredrik “Judo” Simonson and Mikael “Westy” Westerlund keep the Keef/Woody (or Keef/Jones or Keef/Taylor, if you like) homefires burning brightly and the rhythm section swings. Best of all, Svensson and Simonson pen tunes so righteous that the Stones themselves should cover them. (Hell, it’ll make ‘em sound more like themselves than they have in ages.) “Tipsy,” “Down and Out” and “Half Dead” recycle Chuck Berry riffs like it was the Injections’ idea first. “Seven Days” is the kind of roughhewn ballad few bands of any era can still do well, while “Tinseltown & the Cross to Bear” incorporates country music as if Gram Parsons came back from the dead and back into Keith Richards’ arms. The band even pulls a pair of rabbits out of their battered tophat with “Broken Record Blues” and “Love on a Mission (in the Dead of Night),” which incorporate the Stones/Faces cops without really sounding like either icon. So what that Trees On a Hill doesn’t have anything “new” to say? What it does say is done with so much conviction, melody and soul that it just doesn’t fuckin’ matter. God (or whoever) bless the Love Injections.

- Michael Toland
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