Friday, January 02, 2009

Backyard Babies
Fuck Off And Die
7" Bootleg Booze Records

Sleaze must really like me, as he sent me a copy of the first pressing of the new Backyard Babies single. I got the transparent red vinyl with white splatter. It's fucking sweet, man. Cool factor aside, vinyl is a huge pain in the ass, but then you get something like this in the mail and it makes all that flipping worthwhile. Reminds me of my first sleazy forays and how pretty those Pirates Press records were. Ah nostalgia. But I digress...

As you'd expect, the title song is a riproaring stadium anthem worthy of the Babies' iconic sleaze-rock status. (As an aside, I'd participate in a viking gangbang with these dirty Swedes any day of the week.) On the B-side, Zoe Is A Weirdo, an instant punk classic, and Saved By The Bell, a surprisingly sweet piano ballad with GNR's Dizzy Reed on keys. This is good shit, man.
The Live Ones
Dirtweed/Don't Look Down
7" Slow Gold Zebra Records

A couple of brothers and another dude spit out a couple of snarly rawk 'n' roll tunes that are decent but certainly aren't going to blow your mind. (They didn't blow mine, at any rate.) But they've been kickin' around the NY scene for quite some time now, so if you're in the area on a Friday night and spot a poster advertising a Live Ones show at a dirty little bar on a dirty little side-street somewhere and you feel like having a couple of beers, I'd recommend that you go, because it'd probably be a pretty good time.
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