Monday, November 30, 2009

Zoroaster - Voice of Saturn

Voice of Saturn
Terminal Doom

Southern-fried psychedelic doom. Sounds like a dish on the menu in a hip greasy spoon, don’t it? It’s not edible, merely audible, as it’s as good a description as any for the eardrum-abusing sounds provided by Zoroaster. The Atlanta trio digs deep into the Georgia mud for crusty sludge stompers like Lamen of the Master Therion and Undying, which will warm the cockles of any doom-monger’s blackened heart. But it’s tunes like Voice of Saturn and Spirit Molecule that mark Zoroaster as something special – spacey, melodic, experimental, but still grunged all to hell. Even the more straightforward doom metal tracks often have synth bleeps poking out through the smoke – not for nothing are all three members credited with Moog as well as their regular instruments. Plus there’s an untitled piano-based coda that’s, Gog and Magog help us, actually pretty! Zoroaster is more than just another chip off the old Sabbath block – this is doom tailor-made for the when the acid kicks in.

- Michael Toland

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