Friday, November 13, 2009

Brimstone Howl - Big Deal. What's He Done Lately?

Brimstone Howl
Big Deal. What’s He Done Lately?
Alive Natural Sound

Not everything from Omaha, Nebraska is socially conscious indie folk rock. Witness Brimstone Howl, a pounding, throbbing garage rock trio that sounds like it rolls in mud before hitting the studio. The group’s cleverly-titled third (or fifth) album keeps the boat steady, or as steady as this kind of racket can let it be, subtly increasing the melody quotient beneath the muffled grunge. Indeed, the Howlers explore the folk rock side of the Nuggets experience with End of the Summer and Final Dispatch, and quite nicely, too. But in the main the record consists of beer-fueled slammers like M-60, Iota Man and Everybody Else is Having Fun, perfect for rock club rave-ups and apartment trashings.

- Michael Toland

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