Friday, October 23, 2009

Rock City Angels

Use Once and Destroy
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I'll tell ya why the Durango Kid should have been a big star. He's the kind of born entertainer who can just effortlessly CONNECT to all kinds of people. Like his fellow native Floridian, Tom Petty, who could sell new wave, power-pop, politically-astute sixties protest music, or tear-jerk break-up songs to rednecks, soldiers, and secretaries, Durango speaks the language of the common people. He could sell a downtrodden, drop-out, crusty-punk rock song to a misguided Joe-The-Plumber, tea-party, "Tool-Time" type, who somehow really believes he'll sponge up some rich person's power, vicariously, by just randomly, blindly, sucking-up to authority. He could sell a truck-stop hillbilly ballad to a black clad anarchist, who's furious with Wall Street and the whole ongoing Evil Dick police state. He's just got that Elvis appeal. The hawks love him, the doves love him, he's a boss entertainer, he can dance a little, kind of like a cross between Mellencamp and Tyler. He understands the authentic rock'n'roll subculture. He can identify with the evicted, the addicted, the down-sized, and ripped-off. He never sold his soul. He's a good songwriter, and in spite of a long and storied past, you can tell he really loves rock'n'roll, he ain't just tryin' to make-a-buck, and get over, on anybody. He still cares about other people. He works hard to stimulate, entertain, educate, and console his fan base. He puts his heart into the music, the live shows, even in to the D.I.Y. band promotion. He has sincerity, as Iggy Pop once sang.

Not to mention his secret weapon. JIMMY JAMES is an absolute dynamo punk raunch guitar genius. Reuniting with Jimmy James might be the wisest move Bobby Durango ever made. Jimmy brings so much emotion to his playing, he's really like an illustrator. The Hangmen, Coma-Tones, and Rock City Angels are three of the Greatest Sleazy, Streetwise Punk'n'roll Bands Ever, in large part, to his amazing ability, to musically, bring Bryan Small, Giovanni Vitanza, or Bobby Durango's hard-scrub stories to life, without ever over-playing, or resorting to empty, show-boat wankery, like so many guitar players. He really is a servant of the song. What a gift. He's among the best there is. He's like Spencer P. Jones, and Kim Salmon. He doesn't merely get it, he IS IT.

You can tell Bobby's in to Noir, grubby fiction, true crime, and the shattered romance of the no longer so beautiful, and the dispossessed. He finds the nobility, the dignity, of the drinking classes. He's a glammy punk rocker, but with an empathetic, observant, hard-country soul. Jason And The Scorchers? Meet The Joneses. Bukowski, Black Flag, William S. Burroughs, James Ellroy, the Rolling Stones...he pours it all in to his catchy, lyrical songs that have substance, craft, and commercial accessibility. As nasty as Fat Nancy, or Circus Of Power, as elegant and bluesy as the Quireboys, or Black Crowes. "Use Once And Destroy" has something for everybody. Hear it, at once, if you still love rock'n'roll. You'll be testifying, just like me. We DESERVE rock'n'roll to be this good. I'm hoping to bring you folks an in-depth interview, as soon as the Durango Kid can find the time. It might take him awhile. I sent him LOTS of questions.

-Pepsi Sheen


Rock City Angels said...

I'll get on those questions as soon as possible. It's nice to read a review from someone who has really done their research and "gets it", as well as being a true word master.
Thank you ~

KathyM said...

Ironic... I love the Quireboys and Circus of Power too, so it makes sense that I'm a born-again BD lover! Rock on, Mr. D!

Jukes333 said...

Kick ASS !!!

Pepsi Sheen you have always gotten the RCA vibe ... and more importantly B. Durango !!!

Your earlier writings on the band are the "best take" I have ever seen. You don't only get it ... you are it yourself as well !!!

Cool ta see ya writing about the band again and I look forward to seein' ya get them anmswers to your questions !!!

Keep on Rockin' !!!

andy fuckin panik said...

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