Monday, October 19, 2009

Los Hories - Don't Bother Us

Los Hories
Don’t Bother Us
Off the Hip

We forget sometimes, but garages exist in other countries besides the U.S., Spain and that area of England around Toe Rag Studios. For example: Auckland, New Zealand obviously has some nice carport domiciles, as evidenced by the presence of trio Los Hories. The five songs on Don’t Bother Us all sound like they were recorded in a concrete square surrounded by tool shelves and junk boxes. Tunes like Guilty and the title track are essentially pop songs, with the usual horny angst sublimated beneath hooks and listener-friendly melodies. That’s all for the better – the frustration inherent in the concept of young men whacking their instruments off becomes subversive rather than obvious, and shows off these dudes’ talent better than an exciting but unfocused blare. Los Hories have real songwriting chops, sounding more like 70s power poppers on a budget than 60s revivalists, and that’s going to take ‘em farther than any carbon-copy Nuggets-worship ever could.

- Michael Toland

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