Thursday, October 15, 2009

House of Broken Promises - Using the Useless

House of Broken Promises
Using the Useless
Small Stone

Featuring guitarist/producer Arthur Seay, who notably slung his ax in John Garcia’s Unida, House of Broken Promises lays down the beer-basted bombast with barely baked boogie fever on Using the Useless. As one might expect from a band with connections to the desert rock camp, HoBP has some Kyuss groove in its gas tank, gurgling with rolling thunder. But the trio knows the value of a big-ass hook and the virtues of slashing what you’ve got to say then shutting up. Tunes like Torn, Highway Grit and Obey the Snake roll on riffs and rage rather than on jamming; Walk On By even has a singalong chorus. Bassist Eddie Plascencia is no Garcia (who is?), but he makes up in power what he lacks in finesse, and the rest of the combo roars right along with him. Using the Useless is no-bullshit hard rock, as fresh and classic as a brand-new Les Paul.

- Michael Toland

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