Monday, October 19, 2009


Unbeliever EP
ARCTIC frontman Marcus Martin spent his childhood in Canada's Northwest Territories. (In case you don't have an atlas handy, that is far fucking north, friends. A land of ice and snow, the way you southerners picture Canada if you have never crossed the border into Windsor to hit the casino.) And I gotta come clean up front: there is nothing particularly sleazy about this Vancouver band. The four songs on this EP are lush and layered and, yeah, kind of ambient and icy, like The Bends-era Radiohead. They won't leap across the bar with a broken beer bottle and stab you in the throat; rather, they will slip under your skin with the ease of a skilled anaesthetist and leave you swaying rhythmically back and forth, thinking about how cool your hand looks when you move it in front of your face. (They are also really great live, so if they are playing in your area and you are more in the mood for a sociable high than a bar brawl, you should check 'em out.)

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