Friday, September 18, 2009


Prior to the Fire

When your major label refuses to put out your new record and the police ask you to move your recording studio because you’re just too fucking loud, well, brother, you don’t need to rub your bleary red eyes because you’ve got a bloody monster on your hands. Of course, when you’re Priestess, and it’s been over three years since you destroyed the rock n’ roll scene (with a debut album this eager and excited critic may have presumptuously canonized...but there is no disputing that it is truly awesome), and you’ve been runnin’ ragged and righteous on the road a long goddamn time, that’s just the way it’s gonna go down. So you piss on the suits and fuzz, and raise the sledge of rock high and forge a new path of glory over mortal bones. Thus Priestess makes their triumphant return not as hard rock heroes but as champions of magic, equal parts cosmic bikers and savage woodsmen, a raging fire in their belly and warrior blood pumping through their veins. Much more majestic (musically and lyrically) than its predecessor, Prior to the Fire is valiant in its riffola, a heavy-hitter of new wave thrash, stoner grooves, and progressive subtleties. You couldn’t achieve this kind of power if you harnessed the ability to shoot lightning bolts outta your beard, believe me. It’s as ruthless as a starving beast, as swift as a falling sword, and totally worth the wait.

- Jeff Warren

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Michael said...

Dude! Thanks for the heads-up that these guys have a new record out. I was wondering if I'd ever hear from 'em again.

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