Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Vibes - Whiskey, Sex & Rock'n'Roll
The Vibes

The usual band brouhahaha and bollock-less twaddle about their rawk credentials largely results in records being ditched kitchen floor-ward to join slugs of a different though no less slimy nature, guffawed at or just flung in disbelief in the vain hope a godzilla style monster will come and crush them into brawnflakes. Coincidentally, here's a band to do just about that, if they feel like it. Finally a band that can match the bullshit bonanza with a firm grip on the bull horns to boot, with some ultrafuzz flair with a bass that rides in on waves of demonic distortion and gelding guitar riffrump it comes as nay surprise to these northern cloth ears that this trio are from Switzerland. After all, below the surface in that fair land lies the lair of Lightning Beatman's empire and these guys are as real as that guy, just a few substylings away, but the same slag-happy abandon with the rock possess these guys giving that all so indefinable air that makes that quintessential difference between the try-hards and die-hards. With something of Scandinavian southern by the grace of the northern lights sleaze bezerkers The Sewergrooves there's much chest-beating biker boogie like Skynyrd electrotorched by the flames from The Cult's Electric hog-temple with fires further stoked by the garage gut-fucked organ grinds of The Lords Of Altamont, there's country (possible album best On My Way) and indie-psych slivers too veering into Black Devil Mary Chain Club's side of town where Zen Guerilla sit perusing some super nitro b-movie titular art too like a menu of macabre delight - Devil's Nipples, Fatten The Cattle, The Warlords Of Tennessee, Ride Your Horse Down. I'd include Bed Rebel maybe too but it strikes me more like an ode to shitting yerself and not giving a literal fuck, or buggering your mate 'by mistake' Flight Of The Conchords style, though maybe that's a sign to end a review. Other than than quite the smoking ace all the way baby.
Stu Gibson

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