Friday, August 21, 2009

Various Artists - Lights! Camera! Doo Wop!
Giant Steps

A nice, neat deceptively clean cut idea for a compilation this featuring a gleefully grubby glut of 28 doo wop wondrous delights from movies such as Goodfellas, Mean Streets, American Graffiti, Diner, Cry Baby and a pomade vat of others. Cars, girls, car grills n' burger bars to hide your aching heart behind are go in many of these songs from the ever glorious Dion & The Belmonts I Wonder Why to The Crests' 16 Candles and The Diamonds' Little Darlin', The Skyliners' Since I Don't Have You - or The Chantels' Maybe if you've got an unquenchable hollow to fill with sorrow - interspersed as they are with flights to lands of plentiful fancies with The Cadillacs' Speeedoo, The Chords' Sh-Boom, and the jaunty caffeine bomb jibber-jabbering Rubber Biscuit by The Chips. Somgs that would impress parents but sell drugs to your little sister, full of sinister behind the scenes business scams and gangsterism. Melancholy, mirth and madness amid the reminisces and murders hidden under the new floor - what more do ya want? Exquisite squiggly pleasures they all be.
Stu Gibson

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