Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Sex Presley's - God Save The King

Alas, what has potential almost to the value of one of Elv's seventies jump-suits is squandered here like much of those lost sixties years. Ripping through a slew of Presley fave raves with Pistols pneumatic pumping driving the piles underneath a la the bootlegging fad pioneered by 2 Many DJ's - ie Teddy Bear vs Anarchy In The UK - and others should cause serious lip-curling, friction gurning, Lux leering and too tame old punk water-treads that even the most slapdash psychobilly band could infect more life into, don't even scratch the taking the piss level. Heartbreak Hotel and Always On My Mind especially are just pointless, pitiless Pop Idol / Phoenix Nights plot losses that make Sid's version of Something Else rev-up. T'isn't a matter of being precious. Sneering through and decimating old classics like the Pistols themselves in '76 isn't punk rock nowadays, it's just fun. Have a lissen as a passing interest if ya must, if only for the sort of Pretty Vacant vs Can't Help Falling In Love but ah can't help feeling if Lux or Buttz n' The Babysitters or The Crybaby's hadda done it, it would be fun and playful, and worthwhile, yeah, this lot, nope, I ain't sorry to say.
Stu Gibson

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Nick Pistol said...

Fuck off.

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